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Posted by Ken Campbell April 27, 2012 2 Comments 1061 views

OK. I’ll keep trying.
I’ve been battling with the new layout that Blogger has put together and, although I still don’t like it, I’ll keep at it. I can’t let the machines win. There are a lot of things coming up… I can’t just not talk about them.
I have a feeling that most of what’s going to occupy this space for the next little while is going to be related to the Ikkatsu Expedition, which is starting in about six weeks. There’s been a pile of work already put in and much, much more to come. Steve and Kiwi and I are busy with shooting ideas and survey techniques, and the actual planning of the route is coming along. But, like I said before, much, much more to come.
Interspersed among the talk of the open coast will be a post here and there about other topics: The Rainier climb is back on the calendar for late August, which is sure to be an epic tale in itself; There’s the ongoing work with SAMi students on the Point Defiance trail guide; I have bitter issues with a torn plantar fascii ligament that I know I’ll want to complain about; I hope to do some mountain biking this summer, sometime, somewhere; I’m in the process of planning the Camp Seymour kayak training again – sixth year now? Seventh?; There’s sure to be a family trip or two in there too… sometimes those are the most entertaining anyway.
But the emphasis for the near future will be on the expedition, which is as it should be. The trip itself is going to be amazing and filming it will only add another layer of happy work. The concept has gotten under my skin in a way I don’t think I could have foreseen, and I can’t wait to actually get the miles underway. “The waiting,” as Tom Petty says, “is the hardest part.”
Meanwhile, I’ll keep fighting the Blogger layout, learning as I go. Hopefully not learning too much at any given session.

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