Morning has broken

Posted by Ken Campbell May 19, 2011 0 Comment 998 views

I obsess about the weather. At least, it feels like I do sometimes, but it might not be all that much different than the way many other people deal with it. Still, for all the complaining I do, I have to say that the past few days have been close to ideal.
And this morning, with the bright gibbous moon just a few days past full and dangling low in the west… the water a soft, viscous, undulating cushion… bald eagles swooping in to light on the low hanging madronas above the beach, eyeballing me as I paddle beneath their perches… the green-and-white tug pushing north through the Narrows, chugging hard against the current and leaving wake for me to ride… seals popping up in the rips, their liquid eyes revealing their curiosity, observe in shifts from the swirling waters off the point… and above it all, the streaking red and orange of a perfect Northwest morning.

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