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“Walking in wilderness becomes a meditation.”
That’s a quote from Terry Tempest Williams, in her book An Unspoken Hunger, and although she’s referring to hiking in a desert environment, the same could be said for sea kayaking in the Pacific Northwest. Or paddleboarding, for that matter. Repetitive actions, in tune with the wider surroundings. Solitary, yet connected in a way that little else can approach.
I have tried more traditional meditation. I liked it, and it did provide a certain level of relaxation and refreshment, but I like this kind of meditation better. When I start my day with an hour or so of paddling, moving through strong current and listening to the sea lions and heron somewhere nearby in the dark, rather than only the sound of my own breathing, I get the benefits all day long.
People do what works for them. This is what works best for me.

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