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Posted by Ken Campbell June 20, 2012 0 Comment 1172 views

I got off the water yesterday from my 3-day YMCA training course and spent the next four or five hours on the phone. It seems that reports of what we found on the beaches last week has attracted the attention of the fifth estate. (When I wasn’t on the phone I was in front of a TV camera, or watching Steve do an interview – that’s him above, talking to KIRO –  but most of the time I had the cell glued to my ear and I was taking scrambled notes, while trying to relate the experiences we had on last week’s leg of the Ikkatsu Expedition.) I include a few of the links below (there are many more), in case anyone really wants to read them, but they are mostly the same, or similar.

It’s actually kind of interesting to see how so many news outlets get their information from so few sources. Most of the people I talked to were very interested in getting permission to use photos, but when it came to actually writing a story, they either used excerpts from the synopsis I wrote before I left last Sunday, or they copied what someone else had already written. There were a few who spent the time to get it right (I’m looking at you, Meg Coyle, from KING 5), but there are more than a few hacks out there too. Some of the out-of-context quotes are sort of funny, as are the skewed points-of-view of some of the commenters.

Washington Post
The Huffington Post
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The Boston Globe
The Telegraph (UK)
New Zealand Herald

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