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The full moon is a glowing platter in the early morning sky. The water in the Narrows is bathed in light, in the way that only a full moon can do. Somehow, in some arcane and pagan calculation, this particular full moon means that tomorrow is Easter Sunday. (Am I the only one that finds this strange?)
The Mariners won their (North American) season opener against the A’s last night, continuing to provide the believers among us with hope. It remains to be seen if any of that hope survives beyond Memorial Day.
O.A.R. Northwest began their circumnavigation of Vancouver Island yesterday in preparation for the race across the Atlantic later this summer. Quite an exciting venture. I am looking forward to the updates.
The boy and I got home yesterday from our whirlwind trip to California. The car ran well all the way back and the boy approves of the sun roof.
My heel is still sore, to the point that I am staggering like an old drunk much of the time. I fear medical attention will need to be sought, from a real doctor. The VA may not be able to help on this one.
Work on the Ikkatsu 2012 project continues. Next weekend is our last scheduled overnight paddle before we set out and I am anticipating getting the equipment lists and the specific shooting script items taken care of by the time the weekend is over. Momentum is building as the start date approaches, support is coming from many different directions, and I want to make sure that we’ve done all we can to make the mission a success before we begin. The whole thing is quite exciting, I think.
In a few hours I’ll eat a stack of buttermilk pancakes (mmmmm) and head off for a day of work in the shop. The weather should be nice, which means the farmer’s market will be rockin’, which means I’ll be busy for sure, but that’s supposed to be a good thing, eh?
It’s good to be home again.

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