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Posted by Ken Campbell July 11, 2010 0 Comment 944 views

There is something to be said for remaining calm in tense situations. When the winds start to blow and the water gets rough, it’s more important than ever to remain in control.

The most important piece of survival gear you’ll ever carry is what you have between your ears. If you don’t know how to use your head, it doesn’t really matter what other gear you may have brought along. The stories of those who didn’t return are filled with examples of people who could have survived, if they would have kept their wits about them and approached their predicaments with an eye to escape, rather than giving up. Plane crash, shipwreck, mountaineering accident: the ones who make it aren’t always the strongest, the most fit or the ones with the best stuff.

Sean Connery, in Highlander, said it best: “Don’t lose your head. If your head comes away from your body, it’s over.”

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