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Monday. Back to school.
I wish there would have been a SAMi when I was in high school… (That’s a thought that I have regularly these days.) I love the hiking in the woods, the trails of Point Defiance. I love how “out there” it seems, even though it really isn’t. I love how, for some of the kids, it really does push their comfort zones to be out on the trails with the rain coming down. I love when I ask one of them, “What plant is this?” And they know the answer… I love that.
I love that, for some of them, this is the only thing they do outside. (Not that I don’t wish they did more things outdoors but, if they didn’t do this, they wouldn’t do anything.) I love that they get to see eagles fly and hear chipmunks chatter in the underbrush. I love that all of them know the difference between red huckleberry and evergreen huckleberry, between a Douglas fir and a western hemlock. (OK, maybe not all of them, but most of them.
I love the smell of the salt water, the sound of the droplets falling from the tall trees onto fallen logs and the rustle of the madrones in the wind. I love the feel of the trail underfoot, the quiet of the deep forest and the views across the Narrows.
Teaching my classes at the Science and Math Institute has been good, for me and them. I’m glad to have the opportunity. I don’t mind Mondays at all.

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