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Posted by Ken Campbell November 2, 2012 0 Comment 1117 views
With less than two weeks to go before Ikkatsu:The Roadless Coast has its premiere moment, we’re looking at a few updates to the project itself. Before we start in full-time on planning next year’s expedition, we’ve got a few more things to do with the one we already completed.
First of all, I’m looking forward to going back out to the coast on the weekend after Thanksgiving to look at a couple of the beaches we surveyed back in June and July. We’ll be doing more surveys as a way to quantify any changes that have come about since then, but we’ll also be assessing the beaches for possible cleanup later in the winter and in the spring. To actually get some of this debris out of these affected coves and pocket beaches will be a good feeling indeed. 
I’m also getting excited about some of the educational programs we’ve got coming up with local area schools. There will be much more to report on about this as it develops but I think that the most valuable thing I can do with the understanding that I am gaining with regard to marine debris is to pass it on. That’s what we’re doing with the film, with magazine articles and now, with whole programs aimed at educating kids about the problem and giving them the tools to be part of the solution.
During times of economic uncertainty, environmental issues take a back seat to jobs, jobs, jobs. If it weren’t for the past week’s tragedy of Hurricane Sandy, there would have been zero talk of climate change in this massive, bloated election cycle. Likewise, if it weren’t for tsunami debris and the story of how Japanese items are expected on our shores, the opportunity to engage people in the issue of marine debris would have been much less likely to happen. We are so focused on money that it takes a jolt to get us to look up from our wallets.
I have had (and lost) many jobs. I have only one environment.

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