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This blog has never been about organized sports. Professional sports. Although I have been known to mention the Green Bay Packers at times, or the Montreal Canadiens, this has never been a place to go to see the latest on who Aaron Rodgers is throwing to these days or why Larry Robinson is the greatest Canadien ever (which he’s not. But he was pretty damn good…) I could go on, but I won’t.
The reason I bring it up at all is because today was to have been the beginning of the NHL season for the Habs. But there’s a strike (or a lockout, whatever. Like it matters). So the season is on hold, a rolling hold, as it were, and maybe it will start and maybe not. It hasn’t been that long since the entire year was lost to abject greed and stupidity; they could do it again.
And as for football? I haven’t seen one game yet this year that wasn’t utterly unwatchable. Replacement refs were a plague from hell, and then, when the “real refs” came back, it was just as bad. Not to take it all out on the zebras… the players seem even less engaged than usual as well. Dropped balls, punchy, idiot penalties well after the whistle… millionaires behaving badly.
Here’s the thing. There was a Monday Night Football game the other night, which I didn’t watch, and I didn’t even think about. I went out to dinner with Mary and Micah and had a great time, didn’t even realize I was missing anything. Which I wasn’t. Now, with hockey not starting, I’m feeling like more of the same. Like it doesn’t really even matter. I am not just a fan… I’m actually an owner of the Packers – got my one share framed and hanging on the wall – but this coming weekend I’ll be out on the Key Peninsula, hanging with the fam and doing a little SUP if the weather isn’t too nasty. Playing board games and eating popcorn if it is. 
And, although it seems strange for me to say, I won’t feel like I’m missing a thing.

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