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There is a party scheduled this coming Saturday in Port Townsend. The Hood Canal Bridge is finished and is opening a week early… as good a reason as any to celebrate in that grand village by the bay. I wouldn’t mind going up there for that. It’s hard not to have a good time in PT.

I’ve also been thinking about the Puget Sound Challenge and those that are still getting out on the weekends and chipping away at the route, here and there as time allows. My friend Jackie was in the shop this weekend; I know she’ll be out there. Likewise Tom and Marilyn and the others. It should be a great weekend for a paddle. I wouldn’t mind doing a section of that again, maybe over on the canal, and compare it to the way it was when I passed through the first time.

I’m not doing either of these things. I am, however, heading for the coast, taking the southern route through Olympia and Montesano. I’ve got research to do for an upcoming guide book – pretty pedestrian stuff for the most part – locating boat launches and public access points from Aberdeen to the Queets. Hardly exhilarating fare, but I’m hoping it won’t be the sole focus of the time I’m there. I’d like to get to Taholah, maybe get away from the roads. I’m taking a kayak and a SUP, and hoping to use them both. If the weather changes, I may head inland to Lake Quinault… quién sabé?

More to follow, I’m sure.

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