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Today’s the day the Kickstarter campaign starts. Over the next 60 days, we will be trying to raise the money we need to produce the film, The Secrets of Augustine. We’ll be shaking out our couch cushions and, by using the crowd-sourcing method, we’ll be asking everyone we know (and many we don’t) to do the same.
We’ve been pretty busy lately, taking the newest film, The Roadless Coast, from one showing to another. Response has been overwhelmingly positive and we’re looking forward to the showings we have coming up. We’re heading to the Bay area this weekend to present the film and the keynote address at this year’s Golden Gate Sea Kayak Symposium, (Thank You Sea Kayaker Magazine!), and when we come back from that, we’ve got quite a few showings right here in our own back yard that will keep us busy for the next couple of months.
But, in the midst of all this, we’re also putting the storyline together for the trip to Augustine this summer and the film that we plan to make from that expedition. Storyboards, sketches and outlines… all coming together while we’re assembling the gear we’ll need, working on shakedown trips and keeping up with the data and cleanups that were started with the last project.
We could use all the assistance we can get. Please take a few minutes to click over to our Kickstarter page, watch the video and read the proposal… take a look at the awesome reward packages that are available and then pick one that appeals to you. It doesn’t take long to contribute and all contributions are tax-deductible. You will only be charged if we reach our goal; if we don’t reach it, all contributions are returned and the film doesn’t get made. We hope you’ll choose to get involved in telling this story.
The story of marine debris and the effects it is having on our environment is one that should concern everyone, regardless of where you live, and it is a tale that needs to be told. Thank you for being a part of this important effort.

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