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Posted by Ken Campbell August 16, 2012 0 Comment 1138 views
The summer’s almost gone. The weather is actually supposed to stay pretty nice through September but the lazy mornings and late nights are fast coming to a close. Mary’s a teacher (I guess I am too, come to think of it), and Micah will be starting Kindergarten pretty soon so, once school gets up and running, the days will revert to being tightly regimented in terms of time. The days will be getting shorter and, well, everybody knows how that all goes.
With all this in mind, we’ve decided to make today a family day. No electronics (except maybe a movie this evening, with popcorn, in the living room). Phone off, computer down… we’ll be taking a walk up in the park or maybe a family paddleboard excursion out in the Narrows. It’s time to eat a PB&J and drink a cold glass of milk, play a card game and soak up an uninterrupted day of summer bliss. 
It’s not that difficult to unplug for a day; you really should give it a try. It seems strange at first, shutting down all the connections to the “outside world,” but it comes pretty easy when you get down to doing it. It’s a positive act, rather than a negative one, and all you have to do is

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