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Posted by Ken Campbell January 22, 2011 1 Comment 2305 views

Water. From Fiji. Fiji water. As in Fiji, palm trees and coral, blue waves and sunshine, that remote Pacific island chain where, apparently, the water is fine.

So damn fine that they bottle it up, in tiny plastic bottles, and ship it all over the world. I saw these when I was in Texas last year, in a community where there is no curbside recycling program and where every highway is peppered with litter. Untold numbers of these one-off plastic bottles, that will end up circulating through the macrosystem and never, ever going away. Add to that sobering thought the tremendous cost in transporting this H2O from paradise to the world at large – no small figure. These bottles are petite, but their footprint is huge. To paraphrase Hunter Thompson, paraphrasing Lord Buckley, “They stomp upon the terra.”

Not to single out this one breed of agua… it just struck me as being over-the-top in an industry that is already inherently unsustainable and environmentally tone-deaf. (At some point, you have to call the baby ugly, yes?) For all that could be said here – and it is a big subject – there’s only one question that really jumps to my mind:

How is this OK?

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