Island fever

Posted by Ken Campbell October 21, 2011 3 Comments 1079 views

I have been thinking about islands.
There are some islands that appeal to me because of their remote nature. All islands stand apart, but some stand further than others. Destruction Island is an example, an island that is regularly pounded by the full fury of Pacific storms, is home to a thriving population of sea otters, and whose beaches are strewn with detritus from the orient. It is a wild place, a place that instantly captures my attention and respect.
Other islands are interesting because of their history, the intertwining of the natural world and the “civilized.” Places like Protection Island, or Tatoosh, maybe even some of the San Juans, where a veneer of development has taken hold for a time, then waned for one reason or another. It is the reasons behind the changes that I find captivating, as well as the relics that are left behind.
Smith Island, out in the eastern Straits, is where I want to go next. After that, I am not sure, but I know there will be another.

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