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It’s summer, the time of year when the clumsy cubs are gamboling in the high country, the alders along the rivers are shimmering an electric green, and I am, as they say, “away from the office.” Between late May and late September, I am much more likely to be in a kayak somewhere than I am to be at home. The cockpit is my home, or so it seems for these months of the calendar.

Which is not to complain, of course. I must enjoy it, or I wouldn’t do it. I have a 2-day class starting today near Filucy Bay and I just got back from an overnight trip to Anderson Island in the south Sound. I’ll be back again tomorrow night for a break, but it won’t be a long one. I have some fiberglass work that needs to be done on my boat but it will have to wait until the fall; it’s not likely that the boat will be dry between now and then.

Postings here may be more sporadic than usual. That’s the way it goes. There is a time for telling stories, and a time for collecting them. I’m going collecting.

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