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You know how, when you have a cold and you blow your nose again and again, after a while the bottom of the nose gets cherry red and rashy? You know how it feels raw and hot after a hundred blows? And how, eventually, if you keep it up, you get to the point where you need to blow your nose but you don’t? At least not until you absolutely can’t avoid it?
Yeah, you know.
So I saw these Kleenex on sale yesterday and I brought a few boxes. I’ll try anything once. (I’ll even try something twice, but then only once.) And the thing is, they work. You honk your schnozz and the feeling is sort of cool, and softer somehow. You know why? Aloe… yes. Coconut oil? I didn’t think of that, but ok. Some chemicals, but I figured there’d be a few of those. Mostly stearyl alcohol based… nothing deadly.
And plastic. Seriously. Polyethylene. In my Kleenex. The stuff is literally hidden everywhere. 

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