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I have been told that my post of a few days back, in which I spoke of the kayak industry in a less than favorable manner… well, I’ve been advised that it may have been a bit offside. If I remember correctly, I said something about a couple of specific kayak manufacturers who were no longer making any worthwhile boats.

I’m not saying I was incorrect, but I could have said it with a touch more class and clarity (although I did like the photo). I should not have singled out the manufacturers that I did, not because they don’t deserve it, but because there are so many others who fit the same mold.

I believe that kayak manufacturers should inspire us with their designs. I think the kayaking industry owes us their commitment to adventure, rather than just a commitment to their stockholders. To those manufacturers who still turn out a quality product, thank you. Your efforts are noted and appreciated. The rest of you… well, you know who you are.

This is not an apology.

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