Ikkatsu – Second stage complete

Posted by Ken Campbell July 11, 2012 0 Comment 948 views

The second leg of the Ikkatsu expedition is in the books. We covered the distance between Hobuck Beach and La Push in a leisurely seven days but the trip, just to set the record straight, was anything but leisurely. Two nights just south of Portage Head, one night at Shi Shi, two nights at Wedding Rocks and another two nights at Cedar Creek. We did five complete surveys – some easier to complete than others – and we found a crapload of debris, although there weren’t many items that we can say for certainty got here as a result of the tsunami.

We did find a few things that have our expectations up, however. A pesticide sprayer that looks as though it was meant for a residential application, and a soccer ball – with Kanji inscription – that we found on the last day near the Chilean Memorial just north of La Push. More on these after the translators have a go at them. On the whole, not as much hazardous, no houses (although we did find some more Japanese lumber with mill stamps), and less of the mega-large styrofoam buoys. Plastic, plastic everywhere though… and some beaches looked like landfills.
I’ll be writing the daily diary of the trip for CNN, which will feature photos and videos from Steve; the first installment should be up and running tomorrow. I think what I’ll do is post the write-ups here on the blog (with my pictures), and anyone who’s interested can go to CNN.com for the completed product later. 
Right now though, I’m going to take a shower and head to bed as soon as I can. I’ll throw on some photos later…

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