Ikkatsu Expedition complete (sort of)

Posted by Ken Campbell August 10, 2012 1 Comment 980 views
We got into Ruby Beach today at about noon after a great morning paddle from Mosquito Creek. Expect a full update in the days to follow, including more diary entries for CNN, but for now, allow me to just mention a few of the choice tidbits…
– Once again, no mosquitoes at Mosquito Creek. Strange?
– No significant tsunami debris, at least none that was readily identifiable. But plenty of debris, in general.
– We found a backpack, with no backpacker. Missing persons report has been filed. More to follow.
– Don’t bother looking, there are no beaches on Alexander Island.
– Steve makes a mean Dutch oven lasagne.
– Surfing, whether on a board or in an 18-foot kayak, is a lot of fun.
– The mile of coastline between Toleak Point and Goodman Creek is the most amazing, beautiful, powerful, wondrous place on Earth. Seriously.
– I finally found a glass Japanese fishnet float. But it’s not spherical. And it’s not exactly for fishing. More on this later as well.
It’s good to be back. That’s it for the paddling phase of the project, although we still have an out-and-back to Destruction Island scheduled for next month. Now the work of putting it all together as a  film gets started in earnest. The ships are not back in the harbor just yet.

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