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It is the nature of life that the bulk of our time is spent maintaining the infrastructure. Perhaps you have mused on this from time to time: I work to afford the car payment, to pay for the car, that I need to get to work. That’s a simple flow chart, if you will, but even the most complex of sequences don’t amount to much more than this.
And that’s where I am, stuck in the infrastructure. I think the hardest part of any expedition, including this one upcoming in June, is the roll-up, the prelude. There are emails to be written, contacts to be finessed. There are specific protocol that need to be mastered and schedules that need to be cast in stone.
Except that schedules are never cast in stone. Once the trip is underway, there is only one task: to keep paddling. To keep putting one blade in front of the other. Each day takes care of itself, there is no subtext, no thought of the ulterior. It is a simple life, this expeditoneering.
Getting to the starting line is the hard part.

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