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Posted by Ken Campbell August 31, 2009 0 Comment 843 views

The third annual Hobuck Hoedown is scheduled to take place on October 3-4. It is a kayak surfing contest and paddlers gathering that happens at Hobuck Beach on the Makah reservation, just six miles south of Cape Flattery. Dave King, from Olympic Raft and Kayak, is one of the organizers, and info on registration and other specifics can be had by going to his web page. This is the first year that there will be a SUP heat in the contest… I have not been to the event before, but I’m going this year.

The weekend before the Hoedown is the weekend of the West Coast Sea Kayak Symposium in Port Townsend. I’m going for a couple of days, but it’s honestly pretty hard to get excited about it. For an event that was once the pride of the paddling world, it sure feels like all the juice has been squeezed out of it. (I have a whole screed I could unroll here, just get up on my soap box and rant about how the technicians and the bean-counters have ruined kayaking, but I don’t feel it this morning. Perhaps another time.)

The kayaking world is changing quickly. Storied events like the WCSKS may already be dead, I don’t know. Things like the Hobuck Hoedown might be where the whole thing is headed, and even if that’s not the case, it is still worth a look.

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