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Posted by Ken Campbell February 13, 2013 2 Comments 1669 views
The past week has been a busy one and my head has been spinning. I haven’t had the time to post in this space as much as I normally do. No excuses really; just reasons.
School started last week, my new classes at SAMi, so I have new students to teach about how the system works, the rituals and norms of the process, before we can get into the actual teaching itself. Hopefully, that will start today. It’s a great program and most of the kids are really good kids who will do well, so I am not complaining. It’s just a process and it takes some time and effort to get it going.
My own classes start in a couple of weeks as well. I’m going back to finish my Master’s Degree and trying to get all the reading and writing done that I can before I get pulled into that vortex. I’m really looking forward to it but I am under no illusions about how easy it will be. I wrote one piece for a web site this week and I need to do another this weekend, there are two private San Juan trips to plan and taxes to finish… not sure how much time I’ll have for those projects once classes start on the 26th.
Also, last week we had a showing of the film at the University of Puget Sound. The evening went very well and we were able to talk with a lot of interesting folks after the event. Just talking about this summer’s trip to Augustine gets me pretty pumped up. I can’t wait to get going. We have showings next week in Seattle and at the Grand Cinema in Tacoma, so that’s going to be a busy week also. Busy in a good way.
Then, the other big change in the past week is that we stopped our Kickstarter campaign. There were a number of problems with it from our perspective and the short explanation for the move is that we felt like we’d do a better job of explaining our project and raising funds if we switched to a different format. Which is what we did yesterday. The Secrets of Augustine is listed now with Indiegogo, and any contribution that is made will go directly toward our photographic gear and the expense of getting us to Alaska. Other expenses, like food, permits, in-state Alaska costs, return travel and post-production will be paid from other sources. 
I guess the biggest reason I haven’t been writing in here as much is that these other things, especially the funding for the expedition, have been weighing on my mind most of the time. It’s hard to pretend that you’re not thinking about money when most of what you’re doing is thinking about money. (I’m not saying I like it; just that it’s how it is.) With the new site, however, our pitch has softened and I feel a little less stress about the matter. We still need to come up with the funding, but I don’t feel quite as much like a carnival barker as I did a week ago. 
I hope you take a minute to click over to the new site, watch the video and read the cool rewards we have listed for contributors. Then pick a level, and show your support by making a tax-free donation. You will have our gratitude, I will have less stress and, who knows, I may be able to write here more often. 

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