Hard to say

Posted by Ken Campbell March 4, 2012 0 Comment 1014 views

There are some questions you just can’t answer. And, if you have children, you’ve probably heard many of them.
We were on a family hike yesterday in Ecola State Park, winding down a muddy track through the giant spruce and the omnipresent ferns, where the mist hung heavy in the air and the whole place felt like a more temperate version of Jurassic Park, when the talk turned to dinosaurs. Micah was trying to imagine what the dinosaurs would have seen in these parts when they roamed the earth, whether if – as it is said – there were jungles in Antarctica, there would have been ice and snow around here.
“OK,” he said at last. “First came the dinosaurs, then came the Indians, and then we were here. What will be here after we’re gone?”
That, I told him, was a very good question.

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