Growing older but not up

Posted by Ken Campbell May 18, 2009 0 Comment 721 views

There was once a reasonable man by the name of Ashley Montagu. A social scientist, back when the term conveyed an understanding of both science and society. Montagu was a pioneer in the realm of popularizing scientific topics, bringing the edges of science into the mainstream of society. (Think Margaret Mead or even Rachel Carson.) He died in 1999, at the age of 94. He had an excellent outlook, in my opinion, on life and the living of it: “The idea,” he said, ” is to die young as late as possible.”

I only bring this up because I’m feeling old today. The weekend at the symposium wiped me out. The plan was to be a day on the lower Satsop, outside Montesano, floating in a red canoe under green trees and a blue, blue sky. This morning, however, I changed my mind. A pity, I’m sure, but there it is.

With that said, I enjoyed the symposium immensely. It was one of the best organized and well executed events I’ve been a part of and the current staff of Metro Parks deserves a hearty thanks and a round of ale. The people who attended seemed very interested and I know that quite a few of them left with new kayaks on their cars. That’s just good for everybody.

I spent most of my on-water time on a SUP, paddling a mix of favorites and new arrivals. I tried the Hobie boards for the first time, and was pleased with the way they handled and the way they felt underfoot. Solid, fast and manuverable, with an abundance of floatation for their size. I also goggled at the beautiful boats from P&H and Impex, and came away especially lustful of the P&H Cetus that was there for the demo. I’m pretty sure I need one.

The East Fork of the Lower Satsop will be there some other time. It’s just that I’m too old to go today. I will be younger tomorrow.

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