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Posted by Ken Campbell June 21, 2009 0 Comment 767 views

I’m not a racer. By nature, I travel fairly slowly. I make steady progress, whether it’s in a kayak or on foot, and over the course of a long day, I may go farther than others, but I am not, in any sense of the term, built for speed. Which makes it hard to explain why I’m in a race today.
I suppose the simple answer is that I said “yes.” I was asked to be the kayaker on the Mountains to Sound Relay team, Graybeards and Youngbloods. There’s a couple of cyclists and a pair of runners involved as well, fairly serious competitors, and I’m pretty sure I’m not one of the Youngbloods. The paddling segment is 12 miles long, down the length of the Samammish River between Lake Samammish and Lake Washington. I will try to paddle with a greater sense of urgency than I normally display.

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