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How much gear do you need? Kayaks, sleeping bags, packs, pads, tents, stoves. A GPS, VHF, ELB, and other “necessary” electronic doodads. Layers of clothing, Goretex and fleece, down and wool. And charts, maps, trekking poles, water bottles, dry bags, filters, and blah, blah, blah.

There are too many people whose closets and garages are full of outdoor gear they never use. I am convinced that there is more time spent fondling the toys than actually getting out there, into an environment where they might be used. (I say “might be,” because, in so many cases, we’ll never know.)

It’s inventory day at the shop. I’ll be spending the next 9 hours or so counting individual items of outdoor gear. I can’t help but think that I’d rather be out in the woods someplace, without any of these things, than indoors, under the fluorescents, tallying them all up.

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