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I don’t know why, but I’ve never liked it when people actually say “FYI.” It’s a handy acronym in writing and when it’s on the page, it doesn’t bother me, but when people use it in conversation it just grates on me. I realize it probably says more about me than it does about them and the fact that it bothers me won’t even register with the person who’s saying it, but there it is. I need to get past that, I suppose.
Anyway, FYI, there’s a presentation next Monday evening in Port Angeles that I am looking forward to attending. Dr. Curtis Ebbesmeyer, the guru of ocean currents, the esteemed author of Flotsametrics, will be giving a talk at Peninsula Community College at 7pm. We’ll be filming the presentation for Surfrider and it will be uploaded to YouTube later. (I’ll keep track of that and post more info when it’s available). More details on the presentation and the workshops that are scheduled for the rest of the week can be found here.
We’ll also be interviewing Dr. Ebbesmeyer on Tuesday for the Ikkatsu project. I expect many good nuggets of information with that.
I posted an update to the Ikkatsu web site this morning about the towing practice we did the other night. There are some problems associated with pulling a trawl net behind a kayak, mostly related to the incredible amount of drag that comes with it. We’re working on possible solutions and I hope to report the fix soon.
Other than that, it’s just getting down to the nitty gritty with expedition prep. Gotta buy a new dental emergency kit, which will be the final item for the first aid kit. The menu for the first leg is mostly complete but there’s still some food planning to do before I can head to the grocery store. I’m going over the shooting script for the first leg, trying to adequately anticipate where the story will go, at least enough to give Steve some plan for the story boards. 
So there you go. FYI.

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