Funny, it doesn’t feel like June…

Posted by Ken Campbell June 4, 2008 0 Comment 457 views

I camped at a DNR campground on the banks of the Hoh River. Slept in the Hotel Westfalia once again, luxury compared to the past few nights. Dinner was grilled steak and beans heated up in the can. Over the coals. Just like all those old hobos used to do.

I got up this morning and drove to Ruby Beach, whereupon it didn’t take me long to decide to remain on shore. I had planned to make the trip out to Destruction Island if conditions were good but a stout wind was blowing in from the sea and dark, surly clouds hung low on the western horizon. It would be a battle to get out there to that desolate rock and once there, it would be a battle to make it back. I’m planning on coming out here again later in the summer anyway… it will keep until then.

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