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Posted by Ken Campbell February 19, 2012 2 Comments 1155 views

We’ve been working on the shop the past few days, trying to get it presentable in time for a March 1st opening (which still seems impossible). Progress is slow, but perhaps today will be the big breakthrough.
For a while at the end of last week, we were ferrying supplies by boat from the beach to the Point Defiance boat launch, moving beach timber and tools to the shop without having to take them up the hill. It was an easier way to go and, even though it was usually raining, it was still generally pleasant. Then the wind started to blow.
Yesterday morning, with whitecaps extending all the way across the Narrows and two-foot wind waves crashing onto the beach, I decided the boat needed to be taken out of the water if it was going to survive. As I got ready to go out and pull it ashore, then take it down to cabin #1 (where it usually sits on the deck, above the waves), Micah called out, “Have fun on the sea, Dad!”
His words still echoed in my ears as I got the motor going, moved out into the lop and plowed north along the shore to the winch cable dangling from Joan’s deck. The wind was howling, the water was harsh and raindrops cut like needles into any exposed skin. Still somehow, it was a good place to be… in spite of it all, I was still having fun on the sea.
(The photo above isn’t from yesterday. It was taken during a storm here at the beach about 6 years ago but it is one of my favorites. The mermaid, “Chloe,” rode out that storm just fine and I expect this latest one didn’t affect her much either.)

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