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A quiet day at the shop. I doesn’t feel like I’ve worked here much over the past few weeks (probably because I haven’t.) And, with September being the shoulder season that it is, traffic is definitely down.

I should probably be using the down time in some productive way, but some days just have that bleached-out feel, as if any effort is too much. This is one of them.
For some reason, I’ve been thinking about Ross Lake lately, like maybe that would be a good winter getaway. It pains me to say, but I’ve never been there… actually, I have dipped a toe in the northern end of it, up in BC, but I’ve never paddled on those waters, or even seen the south end. I have done a trip or two on Diablo, so I’ve been close, but I don’t know if close is going to cut it. 
I think I’ll waste the next hour or so surfing over to Ross Lake, and call that productive.

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