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I left Aberdeen yesterday afternoon, into a stiff wind and complicated Gray’s Harbor currents. Six hours later, I’d made it 8 miles. I crashed into the muddy shore of Goose Island, about three miles from the tip of Ocean Shores, and I felt fortunate to have made it that far. Good camp (although I’m not sure I was supposed to be there), and I was up this morning and on the water by 5:30.
Into the same wind again. It took almost two hours to fight my way into the lee of the peninsula, and then came the portage. Because of the wind, I missed the tide window to make it over the bar, so I figured I’d just walk the rig over to the beach side. I met Paul and Rebecca, a great couple who not only gave me coffee, but let me use their old wheelbarrow to do the shuttle. (Thanks Paul and Rebecca!)
When I got to the ocean side, the surf was big and the wind was an unobstructed force. I tried to get outside the surf zone a couple times and failed horribly, and I couldn’t even walk along the shore pulling the board because the surf was so violent. I called it quits at about 11am.
Now what? I really don’t think I want to hang out at Ocean Shores for the 4th… although I must say, it is kind of a scene. I am frozen in place though, flattened to the ground by the relentless wind. I’m in the lobby of one of the time-share resorts near where I came ashore. I bought an ice cream and they’re letting me use the computer. I think they think I’m staying here. Maybe I’ll bust into the hot tub later.

I could just make out some snow-clad peaks to the north earlier, as I hitched into town… almost like they were teasing me. I want to get north.

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