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I had a quick meeting with our insurance agent the other morning, the annual joust over how much for how little. I had the boy with me and my agent asked if he’d like a piece of candy. She had a bowl of Mexican sweets, a variety of individually wrapped sugar bombs, and I didn’t get a chance to see what all of them were. But the one that Micah got? Well, you can buy some yourself from Amazon… here’s how they describe them:
Another hugely popular treat amongst youngsters is Duvalin. A little thicker than icing, but about the same flavor, the small tray is about 2″x2″, maybe a little smaller, and is about 1/4 ” thick. A small plastic spatula comes with the inexpensive goodie, for scooping the mixture out and eating. If you love to lick the bowl after making a cake or icing, this is a treat you will love. Two to three flavors in a tray, including chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, a must try in your survey of Mexican treats!
That about covers it, actually. It’s concentrated sugar and artificial sweeteners – think of it as Satan’s spread – completely without food value and served up to a discretion-free and increasingly obese segment of our society, all in a petroleum-based package with an accompanying utensil that will never biodegrade. It’s a perfect storm of environmental, economic and public health bummers, combining to make an almost perfectly evil product.
Seriously? How many of these are washing up on beaches right now?

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