Dark, wet and dismal

Posted by Ken Campbell January 9, 2013 0 Comment 1255 views
It is pouring out there. I mean, the fact that it’s raining in Washington is not exactly the stuff that breaking news is made of, but it’s really coming down. I can’t see it – it’s still dark – but I can hear it and I know, when the ambient light increases, it’s going to look just like it sounds. Guam, without the palm trees and geckos, and 50 degrees cooler. 
(On a side note, we don’t use terms like “sunrise” up here in the Northwest and we don’t refer to a time “when the sun comes up,” for obvious reasons. I chose the phrase “when the ambient light increases,” because that’s about how it works around here. The sun – if there is such a thing – doesn’t show itself around these parts now until about April. The sky gets marginally less dark for a few wet hours before fading to black again. I say this as a warning to those of you who don’t live here… never visit. You’ll hate it. It’s a terrible place and you’re far better off staying where you are.)

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