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Posted by Ken Campbell June 23, 2012 2 Comments 1124 views
One of the reporters that I spoke to last Tuesday worked for the Associated Press, and since what gets sent out on the AP wire goes around the world, the things I said to him were printed on web sites and newsprint within hours, all over the planet. New Zealand, Spain, England… and it’s all a powerful example of not only how far-reaching the modern media has become but also of how truly small the world is. (Which, coincidentally, is one of the main messages of the Ikkatsu Project.)
Context is so important, however. When you talk to a reporter, you never know what will make it in the final copy and what won’t. It may be that you say something during the course of the conversation that sounds fine and natural when you say it, but sounds downright addled when you read the words later on. And, when the whole damn world is reading them as well, it might make you wish you had said it differently.
I could tell you the passage I’m referring to, but chances are you’ve read it yourself already. I shall try to appear less of a dork next time.

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