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I went out Sunday on the board… a rare daylight ops, even more rare this time of year. I’m building a deck railing for one of the other houses down here on the beach and I needed to get some driftwood sticks, just for the authentic beachiness that the job requires.
The fall colors are out with a vengeance. The big-leaf maples and alder are glowing red and yellow against the walls of the Narrows and when the sun catches them just so, the effect is stunning.
I took the Bark, for its load-hauling abilities. The tide was high enough that I wouldn’t have been able to walk around most of the points but low enough that there was still plenty of beach in between. I picked through the wood piles along the way, then loaded up the front of the board with about 50 of the pieces, most between 4 and 12 feet long. It should be enough to finish the job. I’ll try to remember to include a picture of the meisterwerk when it’s complete.
And the real upside is that it was an amazing day for a paddle. (I hope I go to heaven when I die but I don’t mind living there in the meantime either.)

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