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Posted by Ken Campbell November 17, 2009 1 Comment 923 views

The wind threw my plans away, in much the same manner as it tossed about the trees in Bowman Bay. Small boughs and entire limbs littered the blacktop on the way down to the beach and though the waters inside the bay were relatively benign, the breakers just past the headland and near Deception Island were another story. My paddling companions had come up with better things to do, so the decision was mine alone to make, whether to go out into the storm or find somewhere else.

I chose to get back in the van and head south. I could have gone. It would have been challenging but I have no doubt that I would have been ok. As I sat in the driver’s seat, considering my options, it occurred to me that, right at that moment, I didn’t really want to go paddling. I wasn’t feeling excited about working that hard to go somewhere I’ve been a hundred times before… if this were an expedition, today would have been a “shore day.” It would have been different, perhaps, if there were others with me, but there weren’t, and it wasn’t. A case of moodiness, undoubtedly, but I packed it in anyway.

I went down to Penn Cove, just the other side of Oak Harbor. I hadn’t paddled here for years , so I salvaged the afternoon with an hour of shoreline SUP. The entire cove was sheltered from the wind and the calm water contrasted with the waves on the exposed side of the island.

The wind continued through the night and on into the morning, although it has lessened considerably. I’m in Bellingham now, getting set for tonight’s slide show at the WAKE meeting. I won’t be home till late.

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