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I did surf. Have surfed. Will surf. Never mind that the waves have been small and languid. It is warm here, and the sun on the water is beautiful. Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy, after all.

I am in SB on family matters, but I have managed to get to the beach for 2 sessions a day. I leave in the afternoon tomorrow, but I’m hoping to get one more session in before I hit the road. There is much about Santa Barbara that has been oversold, hyped. Movie stars and so on. One indiputable item that SB can hold on to, however, is the whole weather thing. It really is amazing, and I really am grateful.

I went out at Ledbetter both sessions today, little 2-footers with no punch and a low tide all day… not the best mix. But parking was free and the swells were all rounded and pleasant. Dolphins rolled just beyond the kelp, a good-sized pod. Fifteen of them, anyway. This evening, the pelicans were feeding, diving beak-first from 50 feet up, hitting the water with a king-hell splash. Other than that, pretty peaceful, really.

It is hard to believe it’s January. That it is raining somewhere. That it will be all wood stoves and cinnamon toast in just a few days. This brief taste of summer has been sweet, and will soon end.

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