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This cold snap we’re feeling here in western Washington has me wondering if I’m starting to show my age. Which is almost the same thing as feeling my age, except worse. (There is a reason that, as we get on in years, we feel the pull of Miami or Phoenix, San Diego or Key West. Nobody retires and moves to Minot, to Grand Rapids, to Billings. We cool as we age – we are programmed to search out the heat.)

If you are, at this point, looking for warmth in this part of the country, you will be disappointed. It’s 27 degrees out there now; it was down as low as 13 degrees overnight. The frost is thick on the roof and lawn. The sun is out and we are supposed to see the temperatures rise throughout the day, but it is still icy cold, and very unlike Washington.

I have lived in Newfoundland and Ketchikan, both of them much colder than here, with all the attendant miseries of winter. Shoveling snow, seemingly endless colds and coughs – it is the dark part of the year in the northern latitudes, dark in every way. Much more so than western Washington, but I notice the difference is getting harder to see as I get older. I do know that I don’t enjoy this as much as I used to…

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