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Posted by Ken Campbell May 2, 2011 0 Comment 997 views

It’s flat today. No swell and the wind is picking up as the day goes on, straight onshore, pushing down what few waves there are. Still, it’s 83 degrees and postcard beautiful, and I’m not completely sunburned yet, so I went out anyway. Ledbetter again, and really, the lack of good waves is probably the only thing that differentiates the place from heaven. That, and real estate is likely more expensive here.
I’ll be leaving in the morning, back on the northward track again, figuring to be back in T-town on Wednesday night. Mixed emotions there… can’t wait to get home, to see my wife and the boy. I’m going to miss this luxury routine though, this sugar-sweet, leisurely life. The smell of jasmine and eucalyptus, drifting languidly on the warm, salty breeze and the sparkling, clear water. Dolphins every day (and a whale yesterday), along with the usual sea lions spying on me from all angles… I will miss them all.
This is the third trip here this year for me, back-and-forth, like some kind of high-speed, I-5 trauma parade. It will not be the last, I think, although the sense of urgency has passed.
I wonder if I’ll have a chance for one more session tonight, maybe tomorrow…

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