Big Hump

Posted by Ken Campbell September 7, 2011 0 Comment 1060 views

There’s a fire burning out on the peninsula. I don’t know if that’s truly unexpected, given the hot weather we’ve been having lately and the uncharacteristic lack of rainfall, but the fire is believed to have been man-made. An untended campfire, apparently left to burn out on its own, failed to do so and, poof! There goes a couple hundred acres.
The official response is that the fire will be allowed to burn itself out, ultimately being extinguished once we get a good, soaking rain. Meanwhile, it is expected to grow slowly, in steep terrain, but is unlikely to reach the National Park boundary.
The photo above was taken at about 7,000 feet on Mount Rainier on Monday. The hazy smog along the western skyline is at least half-due to the fire.
Just a reminder to respect fire, a concept we humans have been struggling with since caveman days. We could all learn a lot from the Cub Scouts.

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