Best laid plans

Posted by Ken Campbell October 6, 2011 0 Comment 1066 views

I suppose I should have seen it coming. By the time October comes around, the prospect of a successful Rainier climb becomes less likely, to say the least. The past 48 hours have dumped a couple feet of snow on the mountain, disguising the crevasses and making the route not only more strenuous, but also significantly more dangerous. I woke up this morning to find four new text messages from Ned on my phone, the last of which said, “I say we don’t go. We missed the weather window.”
And there it is. I am not precisely happy about it, but there are some things you just can’t force. In the months ahead, Ned and I will undoubtedly get together and figure out a time for next year, but right now that seems so far away.
So I’m going to do something else for a couple days instead. Lower elevations. On a trail somewhere. I’ll have more to say when I get back.

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