Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Posted by Ken Campbell December 14, 2008 0 Comment 531 views

There’s snow on the ground now and it’s supposed to get even more wintery as the week progresses. Although it would never measure up to the snowfalls they get regularly in the Midwest, here’s how one of the local TV stations is calling it.

“As an arctic boundary sags over western Washington Sunday; dense, cold air will become firmly entrenched in the valleys for the week ahead. Wind will remain strong and potentially damaging in the north interior as arctic air pours from the Fraser River valley. Wind chill factors will be near 0 in the north. The next round of snow is expected Wednesday with temperatures remaining in the teens and 20s through the following weekend. This stretch of below freezing temperatures could beat the six day stretch we had in 1990.”

It’s 5:30am on a snowy Sunday, and I’m going kayaking.

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