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Posted by Ken Campbell April 8, 2012 1 Comment 975 views

The Japanese fishing vessel that was spotted off of Haida Gwaii is now 6000 feet deeper down, on the bottom of the sea. A US Coast Guard ship unloaded its ordnance on the drifting hulk; she never stood a chance. You can, if you have not already heard of the sinking, read the summary here.
I don’t claim to be a marine scientist, or an ocean salvage expert, or any number of things that might have some bearing on the discussion of whether this was the right course of action to take, but I do have my opinions. (Which is undoubtedly an understatement.) Still, the damn thing floated all the way here from the other side of the world – and all we could think to do was fill it full of holes and install it on the sea floor? It seems like we could have at least thought of something other than that.
Would it have been at all interesting to have tried to land someone on board? Take some photos? See if there was fuel on board? Bodies? Could it have been towed? Salvaged? But these are just questions. We have plenty of time for questions now, yes?
We shoot first, you see, and ask questions later.

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