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We got back from the coast yesterday evening after a very successful first phase of the Ikkatsu project. We found debris, not just the usual sickening quantities of beach plastic, but also some items that were directly attributable to the tsunami. (Including what we think was once part of a house – the bathroom, we’re pretty sure.) It was a sobering trip in that way – the sheer volume of debris, almost all of it plastic and styrofoam – was overwhelming in most places. If this is a harbinger of what is yet to come ashore, then the Washington coast is in big trouble. (And Oregon, and BC, and Alaska…)
On the positive side, we had some great paddling. The caves at the Cape were magnificent, as usual, and we were able to get permission to visit Tatoosh Island, which was a real thrill. I had a wipeout on a breaker just south of the Cape that picked up my boat and smacked me into a rock, then almost ripped the paddle out of my hands, but all’s well now. Steve’s boat took on water as a result of hitting a rock on the last beach launch (we think), and that led to a couple of capsizes for him as well. But most of the trip was on good water, sometimes flat, sometimes lumpy, but always fun.
There will be more to write soon, and some photos, but I’m pretty tired right now.

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