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Posted by Ken Campbell November 23, 2012 0 Comment 1206 views
We found a little pocket beach this summer, just south of Portage Head, where there was more debris per-square-meter than anywhere else we landed. It was difficult to count the number of disposable bottles, fishing supplies and general plastic crap – there was so much of it in such a small area. Because it was situated in such a beautiful and wild environment, the contrast was even harder to accept.
Steve and I are going back to this beach and one other this weekend, and going with us is Liam Antrim, a member of our scientific advisory team and resource protection guru with the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary. Together we’re going to try to find our way to the places we surveyed this summer (getting there by water is one thing – by land I’m sure it will be quite another), and assess them for changes in debris concentration as well as possible future clean-up.
There’s another storm on the way which, while it has the potential to impact what we’ll be able to get done, also might be kind of interesting and fun, in its own way. More to follow…

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