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Posted by Ken Campbell December 21, 2012 0 Comment 1331 views
I’m in Aberdeen at the moment, a short pit stop before heading out to Oil City, the southern end of the coast trail in Olympic National Park. I’m going to try to get up to Mosquito Creek to take a look at the dock section that has come ashore there. It will be something of a juggling act to coordinate with the tide – low tide will be about 1:30am, not the most convenient time but I may go then anyway – and I am hoping to get out there and back by the 23rd. That may be wishful thinking.
Initial reports were that the first debris experts on the scene were unable to cross Mosquito Creek due to high water and strong current. I’ve brought a dry suit with me and I’ll be wearing a PFD when I get there, or I’ll have one with me if I need it anyway.
Right now, the plan is to head out to the end of the road at Oil City, camp in the van there until shortly after midnight, then set out at the low tide. I should be on the trail up in the woods when the tide comes in again, so it shouldn’t be a factor, and then I will drop down to the beach at Mosquito Creek as the water is dropping once again. I’m planning (if “planning” is the right word), to camp in the vicinity of the creek, then make the return slog back to the van on Sunday.
If this turns out to be a companion section to the dock that came ashore in Oregon last summer, this represents a curious issue regarding the ocean currents and how they work. As I have understood it, items that leave together tend to travel together – at least that’s what I remember Dr. Ebbesmeyer saying – and this would seem to contradict that. But there are still too many unknowns, and that’s the point of making this trip in the first place… changing unknowns to data.

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