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Posted by Ken Campbell October 19, 2010 2 Comments 1003 views

I was thinking yesterday about going to Mima Mounds, down south of Olympia. Maybe take the boy and a picnic lunch, walk around the weird, egg-carton prairie for a while while the weather’s still decent. We ended up doing other things instead, but it got me to thinking again about Route 12. Specifically, where to go, what to do, what to see – all along the way from Aberdeen to the Idaho border.

I asked for input, but other than one email (thank you John), I haven’t heard from anybody. Now, I can plan the whole itinerary myself – I’m actually pretty good at that sort of thing – but I would prefer to get some direction from those who have been there before me. Which may be you.

Mima Mounds, for example, will likely be one of the stops on the journey. I’m open to others: climbing, wine tasting, canoeing and SUP, hiking, wildlife, kitschy tourist crap, any idea at all. Please leave a comment, or email me at

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