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Posted by Ken Campbell November 21, 2009 0 Comment 1083 views

All this rain is hitting the Skokomish hard. Again. Like it always does. First comes the flooding, the river rising, cresting, then rising again. Up, over flood stage, to the point that the roads look like new rivers, flowing thorough houses and fields, covering the green with a dirty brown.

Then come the slides. Super-saturated cliffs, as much water as they are dirt, liquidified earth, slip down and smother the roads and trails, cut away at the riverbanks. This time, it was Highway 101, with a 5-mile section north of Lilliwaup closed due to mud slides. A DOT worker died yesterday when a tree limb fell on him as he was working to clear the way. Neal Richards, originally of Forks, Washington. Just 42 years old. A casualty of war, when you think about it.

I know it’s important to clear the roads, but…

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