Another 10 miles

Posted by Ken Campbell June 14, 2011 0 Comment 937 views

The trailhead for the south side of Mount Adams is at the end of the parking lot at Cold Springs Campground. It isn’t too long after that point that you break out of the woods and onto the flanks of the mountain. It’s a little under 3000 feet up to Lunch Counter, where many parties spend the night, and from there, the usual is to climb to the summit and return all the way to the car in one swoop.
Which is what I’m planning on doing too. Except that the road isn’t open all the way to Cold Springs; it’s actually blocked about 5 miles before that, down below Morrison Creek. What this means is, with 5 bonus miles on the way in and 5 additional miles on the way out, I’m going to need to cover 10 extra miles when it’s all said and done. “Making a long day longer,” is how I’ve heard it described.

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