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Posted by Ken Campbell January 7, 2010 0 Comment 870 views

The Olympic flying squirrel is a nocturnal creature, which might explain why I’ve never seen one. It’s not that they are uncommon in the Olympic forests – many a hollow tree holds the den of these flyboys – it’s just that they don’t put out much noise. They are large for their genus, getting up to 14 inches in length, with darker and softer fur than their cousin, the ubiquitous Douglas squirrel.

Their primary method of getting about is by gliding from one tree to the next, using a thin membrane on their sides that can be extended for flight. They mainly feed on nuts and seeds, and forage for fruits and berries whenever possible. Other than the chainsaw, their main threat comes from spotted owls, who have quite a taste for the little Lindberghs and seem happy to dine on fresh squirrel-on-the-wing on a daily basis.

Of course, the spotted owl has its own problems.

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